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Surefire Marketing Strategies for B2B Growth Leaders

Not only are B2B customers tightening their belts – their buying cycles are getting longer. Over the last 12 months, more than 50% of buyers report that sales cycles have grown!

How do sales and marketing leaders overcome these challenges?

B2B companies all over the globe have used this playbook to build marketing plans that achieve results like 50% shorter sales cycles, 300% increased lead generation, and double digit annual sales growth.

A properly strategized marketing plan is the key to accelerating deals and winning new business.

But most companies see little to show for their investment into marketing.

The reason is the lack of a proper marketing plan!

Download our free playbook now, and we'll share the secret to developing a marketing plan that cuts sales cycles in half, increases revenue, and has a proven ROI.

Download our Toolkit to learn all the fundamentals of a great small business marketing plan, including:

  • What are buyer personas, and why creating them is critical for your plan
  • How to quickly research important SEO keywords and content ideas for your audience (using free, publicly available tools)
  • The five elements of a successful Marketing Plan, and how it all stems from defining your Business Objectives
  • Pitfalls to avoid and other key considerations for a highly successful plan
  • How to measure and improve your marketing on an ongoing basis
  • As a bonus, we're also including our secret Marketing Plan Worksheet, which you can use to develop the plan for your business

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